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"Do for one what you wish to do for everyone." - Andy Stanley

"The past fifteen years I have struggled with autoimmune and inflammatory health issues. It has been difficult and has negatively altered my lifestyle. A few years ago, I realized a correlation between the severity of my symptoms and my diet but did not have the tools to fine-tune my needs. I turned to Functional Nutrition of Idaho to help me navigate through the many questions and, hopefully, discover some answers.

While working with Barbara of Functional Nutrition of Idaho, I have been impressed by the service, attention, and education I have received. Barbara is knowledgeable, thorough, organized and communicates clearly. Through the process of “clearing the muddy waters”, she offers structure, understanding, recommendations, alternatives, and motivation. 

Within the first three months, I saw improvements in my overall inflammation, mood, energy, sleep, caffeine intake, weight, and hunger. After fifteen years of feeling poorly, I’m finally starting to feel empowered to manage my health.

I am so glad I started this process with Barbara at Functional Nutrition of Idaho."


~ Stephanie

Fresh veggies

"Working with Barbara was a complete joy!

Even though I am an RN and also certified in Functional Nutrition,

sometimes it is nice to have an 'objective opinion' when it comes to

your own personal health issues and how to handle them. 

Barbara pointed me in the right direction in terms of what I

should be doing and eating to heal my stage 3 adrenal fatigue.

She made many recommendations and I followed all of them 100% and my last tests was normal! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Barbara!"


~ Sheri

"There are no words to describe the gratitude I feel
towards Barbara and her beautiful spirit. I have been sick for
a long time with little help from countless specialists I visited regularly. Barbara gave me hope I have not felt in years. She listened to me and made me feel good about myself and my broken body. I am feeling so much better and my health is improving daily.  Barbara gave me my life back."  
~ Elizabeth
"In 8 years I have been dealing with Hashimoto's, not a single specialist addressed the effects of gluten and dairy on my immune system. Actually, no doctor has ever mentioned diet as a possible trigger for my crazy symptoms. When a mutual friend introduces me to Barbara I was skeptical. However, the noticeable changes I experienced with minor modifications where amazing. Since working with Barbara my Hashimoto's symptoms are no longer running my life. I highly recommend her practice to anyone who wants a personalized and holistic approach to their health and wellbeing. "
~ Carolyne
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"Mrs. Henderson

helped me poop.


It used to hurt.

I didn't want to go.


It doesn't hurt anymore."

~ S.D. age 7

"I have been struggling with chronic fatigue, poor sleep, and depression since my last pregnancy. The "postpartum blues" never went away and I learned to accept my new normal. I was introduced to Barbara at an event I almost didn't attend due to pure exhaustion. Her energy and kindness captivated me so inquired about her work. I was not familiar with functional nutrition but decided to give it a try. Best decision I made. Barbara's took the time to hear my story. For the first time, I felt heard.  She made action plans that were clear and easy to follow, cleaning up my diet and addressing all the underlying issues of my poor health. Barbara's dedication to my wellness empowered me to make sustainable modifications that fit my busy lifestyle.
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Barbara and would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with health issues."
~ Carol

"My grandfather, my father, and my younger brother died from a heart attack before reaching 60.

My cholesterol was high, I was gaining weight and unable to do much of the things I enjoyed doing.

My doctor was really concerned and so was I. My daughter suggested I talked to Barbara. As we began implementing dietary and habit changes, Barbara worked with my wife and my doctor to support my health improvements. The changes were hard at first, but my numbers started to improve and my weight started coming off. I was sleeping better and my energy improved. This young lady is knowledgeable and thorough and has helped me improve my life.

My latest labs showed normal cholesterol levels and I feel better than ever."


~ Bill

"We tried for over two years to get pregnant. It was a heartbreaking journey of miscarriages, IUIs, and medications. Being a mom has always been my dream and I couldn't imagine not having a child of my own. I was becoming increasingly

discouraged and depressed.


Everything changed when I started seeing Barbara. Her gentle and compassionate approach to healing my body and creating a healthy environment for my baby was nothing short of a miracle. I learned how to care for myself and be the best me I can be. The best part of working with Barbara, we will soon be welcoming our little angel to this world. I am grateful beyond words."

~ Heather 

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"I feel better now then I have in my 20's. I came to Barbara with a chronic bronchial infection that would not go away despite two hospitalizations and countless courses of antibiotics. I had no idea that my fatigue and digestive issues, I have been struggling with for years, had anything to do with my lungs. I learned so much about my body and my health. Barbara is the best thing that I have done for myself. "


~ Rachel

"Since working with Barbara, I am well on my way to being healed from a long list of diagnoses which crippled me over the years. I have been so moved by her functional approach and depth of her knowledge as well as her dedication to my health, that I am changing my own journey. As a conventionally trained NP, I have already enrolled in IFN classes and will be incorporating a functional approach to my practice with patients who have not been able to find healing through conventional medicine. There are no words to express the depth of my gratitude to Barbara."


~ Sarah

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"I am so thankful for Barbara's personal journey.  Her fierce determination to get to the bottom of her own health issues in the past makes her an ideal practitioner and partner in improving her clients' health and well-being.  Her knowledge and empathy combine to create a powerful force working for the benefit of so many others, of which I am proud to be one!"

~ Carrie

"I started working with Barbara after having been sick for one year following an Epstein Barr infection. The virus had left me flattened, physically and mentally. Because I thought of my habits as relatively healthy, I questioned whether nutrition changes could make a meaningful impact on my health, but was willing to try this path.

Barbara’s intake process is thorough and her program holistic. In six months, I moved from spending at least half of every day in bed to being able to walk, bike, and socialize again. Of all of the specialists I've seen and modalities I've tried, the work I have done with Barbara has created the greatest shift in my health over the last 18 months. It’s clear to me that what I'm learning now will inform the way I think about health and nutrition for the rest of my life."

~ Holly

Festive Dinner

"When I first saw Barbara I was suffering more than I had realized. I have Pancreatitis and had been suffering from random attacks. My immediate needs were a plan of attack and an education. Barbara spent the time getting to know me and my entire history. She listened to me and made a very clear and easy plan for me to follow. She quickly and efficiently answered my immediate concerns and questions as I put this plan into action. She had a wealth of information and resources to aid me in this plan. I can tell you right now I'm not the same person I was when I first met her. My life is much "clearer". I have reintroduced foods into my diet that I had once thought I wouldn't be able to safely do. My energy levels are peaked and my clarity of thought has reached points I've never imagined to achieve.


I'm thinner and I look great.

Above all else, she cares and checks up on me. She was even answering the questions I had while she was on vacation in Mexico lol. She helps me with accountability and continues to modify my plan to live a safer healthier life.

This give her my full recommendation for anyone looking to improve their digestive health and mental well being.

~ David

I have been an athlete all my life. Running marathons, cycling, and swimming fuels my soul. Going the distance was always a thrill and a challenge. I contacted Barbara to improve my training and recovery process. I was blown away by the immediate improvements in my sleep, inflammation, and muscle pain. My recovery improved immensely and my energy to endure long training days is something I didn't anticipate. I have already crushed several PR's and can't wait to crush some more.

~ Josh  

Barbara has a wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition, exercise and overall health. I never felt judged by Barbara. I only ever felt that she truly wanted to help me be my best self. She has had a permanent impact on my life and I am grateful for her.

~ Hayley

Paleo, Keto, Whole30, Low carb, Vegetarian,
I tried them ALL and each left me more confused and frustrated with myself and my health.
Barbara’s approach to health is something I didn’t anticipate.
She helped me identify the real causes and triggers
of my health issues. Her personalized approach to
health is no short of a miracle. I am eternally grateful to this brilliant woman. 
~ Jennifer


After years of trying my best to control my weight, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. 

I was devastated and broken.


This all changed when my ENT doctor recommended Functional Nutrition of Idaho and I started working with Barbara.

It took time and effort but I learned how

to heal my body.


I am medication free, have no signs of diabetes and 30 lbs lighter.


And GRATEFUL beyond words.


~ Nancy

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